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As your regional exclusive CESAB dealer, we can give you a personalised, local service tailored to the specific needs of your business. At the risk of sounding exactly like an advertisement, we’ll just cut straight to the chase and tell you how we’ve transformed businesses.

First in the ring is Envira Waste Recycling. Recycling is a big thing in the UK – without it, we would be up to our eyes in filth (the Thames is enough evidence, if we’re going to be really honest).

Providing waste recycling services to some of the UK’s best known food, retail and hotel chains, they obviously needed reliable trucks to get the job done.

We recommended the CESAB M325 counterbalanced forklifts for their high durability and strong ergonomics. They are pretty useful in moving waste bundles around the yard, making sure that deliveries and collections are met on time.

With our help, and of course CESAB’s, Envira’s production has increased tenfold. According to Envira’s Managing Director Craig Pates: “We have found the CESAB M325 highly reliable and easy to use and great visibility through the masts means that our operators can see everything they are doing, whether loading, stacking or reversing.”


But, Envira isn’t the only business we’ve helped. We’ve also provided assistance to MTC Certech.

MTC Certech are part of the global Morgan Technical Ceramics group and produce ceramic cores used to make high performance parts for the aerospace and industrial turbine industries – very exciting! Because they achieved an impressive THREE environmental, management and health and safety standards, they asked us to review their materials handling operations.

We provided them with a demonstration of the CESAB Blitz 100 three-wheel forklift, which is now in use at their site. Alex Bailey, Health and Safety Coordinator of MTC Certech, said: “When it came to materials handling, the advice from Hitec Lift Trucks provided the answer. In demonstration the Blitz 100 worked effectively in every area of our operation.”

Another result!

Paired with our advice and an internationally recognised manufacturer, we can provide businesses with the right tools to improve their productivity.

60 years of expertise and heritage of the CESAB brand definitely counts for something!

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