Warehouse Safety Principles


Hello and welcome to our blog. Warehouse safety is something that should be at the forefront of your minds. Here's some simple steps for you to follow.

It is important to implement safety within your warehouse, so that productivity is maximised to its full potential. Many warehouses do not have think about safety because of insufficient time or inadequate resources. However, if you take some time, any time, out of the day to go over these tips then you can definitely achieve high employee satisfaction and increased productivity.

1. Ensure safety equipment is used at all times
• Appropriate eyewear and hard hats
Forklifts and hydraulic dollies are used to lift heavy items
Ensure emergency exits are not blocked. All these will minimise workplace injury

2. Eliminate any potential safety hazards
• Warehouse floors should be free of ‘slip and trip’ hazards: stray cords, liquids, potentially hazardous items
• Make sure cracks and pits in the flooring are attended to

3. Clearly label designated hazardous zones
• Dangerous equipment should be stored away in a carefully labelled area
• Safe walkways must be marked on the floor with tape or black and white stripes on the floor

4. Always use safe lifting techniques
• Invest in lifting instruction signs, as well showing your workers a live demonstration
• Assess the best method when it comes to moving an object
• Check that routes are clear for when you are ready to move
• You should not block your view when you are moving an object

5. Providing training/refresher courses
• Your workers should be up to date with knowledge about safety practices within the workplace
• Staff and management should be aware of any repercussions if safety rules are not followed

6. Promote awareness in your warehouse
• This is perhaps the most important – communication between staff members!
• Collisions can be greatly avoided by being constantly aware of your surroundings

These are just a few tips to help you within your warehouse. Do you have any other safety guidelines?
We'll be posting again soon. Feel free to share.

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