Tips for Forklift Hire

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When it comes to hiring a forklift there are plenty of things you need to consider. You might want to have a pen ready so you can list down these tips for forklift hiring. Luckily, with 30 years of experience in hire solutions we’ll be able to provide you with lots of useful information.

The first thing you need to consider is 1. Your needs, and 2. Your budget. What is the forklift going to be used for? Where will it be used? Taking these factors into consideration will help you make a suitable choice.

It’s essential that you know your environment. This will help inform your choice including the type of tyres that are needed. For example, cushion tyres are solid rubber and are therefore used in indoor settings and concrete/asphalt settings whereas pneumatic tyres are filled with air and used for terrain settings such as dirt, hillsides and rocks, etc.

You should research into the different types of forklifts, for example diesel, gas or electric. If you are well informed on these different types, it will help you in the long run in making the right decision for your job.

Alongside this, you should probably look into how much weight you want moved at a time. You’ll be able to look at manufacturing specifications to help. Here at Hitec our trucks range from 1 tonne to 12 tonnes, meaning no job is too big (or small).

We think the most important factor you need to consider is the comfort of your driver. If your driver is not comfortable, then work can become slow and hinder your progress. Be sure to pick a forklift that is comfortable, as well as having quality and strength.

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