The different types of warehouse equipment available


Today we are going to investigate the different type of warehouse equipment available.

The smallest type of warehouse equipment available begins with the:

'Manual Hand Pallet Truck' - The main uses for these trucks include: horizontal transport, order picking, loading/unloading and stacking. These trucks are easily manoeuvrable, and are ideal for smaller tasks within a warehouse.

For moving pallets around the warehouse there are a number of options:

'Powered Pallet Truck' - These can be used for horizontal pallet transportation, loading/unloading and order picking applications. These are particularly safe, making them ideal for large/heavy goods.

If there is sufficient distances, or the warehouse is large meaning the truck has to covers large area, the same truck is available with a:  'Ride On Platform' - again with a focus of safety, this allows the operator to be encased and operate the machine with ease.

For light stacking into warehouse racks there is the budget option:

'Stacker Truck' - this is pedestrian operated and offers an affordable alternative if workload isn't continuous. It's fairly versatile and can cater for heights up to 4-5 metres.

If you are trying to maximise warehouse space with budget costs in mind the best option is the:

'Reach Truck' - These trucks are made to cater for heavy duty. It's common in large/busy warehouses, as they can work a full shift and stack 2-3 tonnes to a height of 9-10 metres (although some trucks can be supplied for heavier goods).In very large warehouses, space needs to be utilised. Often a truck is needed that can offer a solution to narrow spaces that can't occupy the larger heavy duty trucks. The

 'Narrow Aisle Trucks' are used to get aisle widths down to a minimum and thus increase warehouse storage capacity. These trucks are not common and are often expensive and specialised, however do offer solutions for larger warehouses and goods.

For small equipment, but more complex tasks there is the:

'Man Up Turret Trucks' - with quick acceleration and access in tight warehouse spaces, these maximise space, and increase productivity where sometime the pallet truck cannot.

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