Providing, distributing and maintaining: A business deal that covers all bases between Hitec Fork Lifts Ltd and family-run Freightroute Ltd

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Sometimes commercial deals cruise along in the fast lane, and sometimes they get stuck on the hard shoulder. It’s business - the tensions associated with bargaining, or a conflict of interests, can all cause issues. Of course this can be the case in any industry, be it on a local, national or global scale. Happily, the commercial deal between Hitec Lift trucks and Freightroute was simply a case of a clear, open road as the customer reported extremely good feedback for both the service they received and machinery provided by Hitec. Hitec delivered the fleet of 20 brand-new Cesab M325 fork lift trucks to the family-run British firm at sites across the country in April this year.

A nationwide family operation

From as far away in the UK as Falkirk, Scotland, all the way down to their head offices in Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire, Freightroute’s freight and logistics company has seen their unified approach to business create a far-reaching customer base. Clearly their - increasingly less common - arrangement of a business that runs and operates within a family structure has been of great benefit. Customers appreciate it. So pleased were Freightroute with the service, performance and operation of the Cesab machines they later placed another order for a further 10! Perhaps Hitec Lift Trucks’ ability to maintain and service the fleet regularly was the cherry on top for the business. Clearly this is an invaluable service that the customer appreciated, and an integral part of the continued relationship with the client that Hitec Lift Trucks delivers.

Hitec and Cesab as a partnership

Working in partnership with Hitec, both companies recognised the strong links that had to be developed to ensure Cesab become an integral part of Hitec’s operational support. By providing Freightroute with high quality FLT equipment and a structured maintenance programme via the Cesab dealer network, Hitec are offering vital support and maintenance schemes to the customer experience.

Gavin Grant, Managing Director of Freightroute, is seen accepting the keys to the first batch of FLTs from Adam Lantsbery, Sales Director of Hitec Lift Trucks Ltd. Gavin went on to state that:

“Our investment of £350k in new Cesab equipment is in addition to the £2.75m already committed to new articulated Units and 18t vehicles over the next eighteen months.”


The deal clearly drew some attention and was included in a small piece in the Northants Business Times. Comments from both sides of the deal were included in the piece:

“The continual improvement to our existing plant is paramount to support the continual growth pattern Freightroute has experienced so far. With volumes up already 10% year on year for the first quarter, we have no reason to doubt we will see a strong 2nd & 3rd Quarter growth in 2014.”
Gavin Grant, MD Freightroute.

Adam Lantsbery of Hitec said “By working closely with Gavin and his staff it has allowed us to gain a finer understanding of Freightroute’s objectives, with a focus being put on operator comfort and overall lifetime costs. We are fully confident that with the supply of the new Cesab M325’s being supported closely by the Cesab dealer network, we can comfortably meet Freightroute’s expectations and growing demands. We look forward to building a rewarding partnership for many years to come.”

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