How to choose the right Forklift Truck for your application

Forklift Truck Luton

Gas Forklifts  - Their diverse nature makes them a superb choice if you need them for a number of different environments. They are often quieter than diesel trucks and also do not produce harmful emissions or soot particles. This advantage makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  The gas bottle can be refilled or changed, and as a result can run continuously without need for downtime. Gas trucks offer more precise control and navigation due to their solid tyres and compact chassis, making them optimal for small space environments. They often outperform electric and diesel counterparts in travel speeds, acceleration and lift speeds.

Diesel Forklifts - Diesel trucks are best suited for outdoor use due to their high level of noise and diesel fumes. They are substantially more powerful than its counterparts, which makes it ideal for environments where it will be lifting heavy objects. It's easy-to-maintain engines and low running costs (roughly half the cost of running a gas-powered truck) make it budget-friendly and ideal for long-term contracts. Their acceleration and lift speeds outperform electric forklifts and there is never a worry of shortage of battery like the electric forklift. The diesel truck benefits from lower revs and therefore are long-lasting, reducing maintenance and servicing costs - again suiting environments where the truck will be used at full capacity.

Electric Forklifts - These forklifts are extremely versatile and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are fume free, and environmentally friendly. Consequently, they are ideal for indoor use as they have low noise output and are especially suitable around products, for example, where food, pharmaceuticals or drinks are manufactured/stored. Their light weight and compact structure makes them maneuverable and therefore ideal for small space environments. The truck is cheaper to run in comparison to diesel and gas trucks, with only the need to recharge the battery rather than replace gas bottles or fill a tank with diesel.

Differences between new and used machines

Our used machines are categorised Bronze, Silver and Gold in order to supply you with a truck for your exact needs. All used machines are sold with warranty and a 12 months Thorough Examination certificate. They are fully overhauled in our comprehensive workshops and quality is never compromised. If your forklift truck demands are not high, a pre-used machine can often suit budgetary needs.

Our new trucks have the latest technology and offer high quality and productivity (less downtime). They are ideal for high demand applications where extensive working hours are required. Our extensive fleet of trucks offers a perfectly suited solution to any needs or requirements.

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