Hitec's service and quality recognised by ASEC

Asec Acreditation

We are incredibly proud to announce that Hitec Lift Trucks' has become the first UK based Cesab dealership to achieve certification in ASEC (After Sales Service Evaluation & Certification), this accreditation is the only one of its kind in the UK. This award is a declaration of our continued excellence and high standards.

Hitec has been awarded the entry level After Sales Evaluation Certificate as part of a pilot programme at Cesab that has included two other dealers in the Netherlands and Switzerland. This certainly puts us in esteemed company. Indeed, Cesab has a large network of suppliers and it’s great to see that other businesses are doing well.

Different levels of accreditation

The ASEC accreditation scheme is composed of three different levels – gold, silver and bronze. We are very proud to have been awarded the bronze award and plan to achieve silver by the end of next year. It’s a really great honour to be recognised by the Cesab group and we couldn’t be happier with our partnership.

ASEC is a global quality initiative focused on the continuous improvement of after sales service. The programme involves audits at distributor and dealer level, setting standards for dealers to achieve and ensuring added value can be constantly delivered to customers.

Assurance of quality

Prospero Girardi, Managing Director of Hitec had this to say about the accreditation, "ASEC delivers an absolute assurance to customers that we provide the highest levels of service as well as a commitment to quality and total efficiency.”

"ASEC has huge benefits for customers because it gives them a guarantee that service and after sales care will not just be consistent but continually improve throughout the relationship.”

"We're delighted to have got this far and are looking forward to achieving even more as we develop our ASEC certification levels over the next few years."

A fantastic achievement for Hitec, we are looking forward to many more years of working with Cesab lift trucks.

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