Part of managing any business is ensuring that your place of work is presentable enough for customer visits and comfortable enough for employees. You want your business to represent the best of you and that is exactly what we’ve done by refurbishing the main offices and workshop at Hitec.


We renewed the lease and decided to stay at Hitec HQ for the next decade which gave us the motivation to expand the office as the team continued to grow. The past few years at Hitec have seen us go through a period of massive business growth and we’d simply outgrown the old Portacabin which used to serve as our main sales office.

Workplace synergy

We also wanted our sales team to be based on-site as we feel that working closer together will result in increased synergy as well as a better service for our customers both old and new. One other factor in the big move was that we really want to be ASEC accredited and needed to invest in order to improve our procedures and workshop facilities.

In order to do this, we spent approximately £50,000 on building a state-of-the-art meeting room, sales offices, workshop layout as well as re-painting the existing buildings and constructing a new waste oil facility.

A team effort

The response from both our staff and customers has been incredibly positive. All the staff mucked in and worked overtime in order to ensure that the new facilities were as presentable as possible. We really appreciate the work they put in and the entire team are extremely pleased in their new surroundings.

A source of pride

It’s a great feeling to have a workplace that we can be proud of. We love to have customers and suppliers visit our place of work and it really makes everyone happy to be able to bring people into such a fantastic working environment. Whilst our old workshop and office had a special place in our heart, we are looking forward to creating many more great memories at the new and improved Hitec HQ.

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