Hitec Make An Impression at East Midlands Rugby Union (EMRU)

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Hitec Lift Trucks, being a materials handling body, are hands on and involved in the local community and elsewhere. Being used for a variety of jobs, our staff come into contact with a wide range of businesses, people and situations.

Rugby Celebration
Pros With Team

We enjoy affiliating with organisations and local businesses that have an involvement in the local community. The last month has been absolutely no exception.

A Cesab Truck
Our Cesab Forklift

East Midlands Rugby are a large organisation that provide the framework, grounds and expertise for young people’s involvement in sport, and rugby in particular. This is such an important thing to be involved with, within the local community. EMRU really is the driving force for a lot of competitive rugby in the area.

Pros Shakes one of the Players hands
Pros Shakes one of the player's hands

The National Colts Competition was established to facilitate under 19’s competitive rugby. The National Colts ‘Introduction to us’ page says:

“During the East Midlands Rugby Union Centenary Year, 1997/1998, the Colts section, chaired by the then President, Bob Bunting, suggested that the East Midlands organise a Club Colts Knock-Out Cup Competition for Under 19 teams. All clubs situated in England were invited to enter and 111 did so.”
Introduction to National Colts - http://www.emru.co.uk

Following our financial year results last month, Hitec Lift Trucks attended the final competition as a sponsor on Monday 4th May. Once the day’s proceedings had drawn to a close, we were then invited to be part of the prize-giving ceremony.

Men congratulate players
Congratulating players

The photos document a jovial occasion as MD Pros Girardi is seen on the podium (not literally, he’d be lucky) presenting the young’uns with their well-earned prizes that most likely, will adorn their family mantelpieces until they are superseded, or not

A player celebrates
A player celebrates

Hitec are proud to support this event that help young people engage in fulfilling community activities; and we continue to seek out events we are happy to affiliate with.

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