Hitec Lift Trucks CESAB’s meet European Oat Millers.

The Jordan brother’s joint venture behind the company that makes the famous household cereal bar of the same name; have undergone a process of acquisition in this quarter of 2014, expanding their business portfolio.


The brothers have reportedly bought a 50% stake in European Oat Millers adding to their already large ownership proportion. With their existing 50% share, the following 50% acquisition sees them own the company 100%, outright.

European Oat Millers is without a doubt one of the global players in the trade of grain-based ingredients operating on a global scale, there website cites:

“In 2013 we made the illustrious International Track 200 league table, which celebrates UK private companies with a turnover of more than £25m. Our strength in export trade put the company above household brands such as Cath Kidston and Doc Martens.”


Now sitting amongst the board of directors, Bill and David Jordan have recently (Sep 2014) been interviewed in The Grocer talking of their plans to ‘invest’ and ‘expanding’ the companies horizons.

Expanding horizons

Expanding company horizons does not come without the need to enlarge, diversify and often modernise the range of machinery at the company’s disposal. Being such a large, worldwide player the recent deal with Hitec Lift Trucks was a fairly monumental one.

Whilst choosing the fleet of machinery for an ever expanding business environment there are some things you undoubtedly look for; power and reliability.

New Fleet

After Hitec Lift Trucks had delivered 2 x brand new CESAB M318’s 6 months ago on casual hire at EOM’s Bedford plan, management notices they were outperforming their currently owned trucks on reliability and productivity. With this information, they proceeded to purchase a further 7 machines on a Long Term Contract Rental.



Hitec Lift Trucks delivered 7 brand new CESAB M318 fork-lift trucks on a contract rental basis. Previously EOM (still) owned all of their fork-lift stock but Hitec’s salesman Tony Elliot convinced them the benefits of contact rental;  an economical choice considering the money saving benefits long term - which resulted in a deal being made. Some of the new CESAB machines are working around the clock and in very industrial conditions and still perform without any disruption to their daily functions.


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