New changes to forklift training for September 2017 explained

Forklift-trainingForklift Training Regulations

Shifts in regulation by the ABA (Accrediting Bodies Association), means that, as of 1st September 2017, there are now considerable changes that have been made to forklift tests. These changes affect various aspects of the testing procedure including pre-use inspection, the theory test and practical skills test. The practical course itself remains the same, however, the points structure that is used has been altered somewhat. You may have experience with the new test as it has been optional since the start of 2017, but any tests taken from now onwards will only be valid if using the new standard. To help clear things up and make sure you are best prepared for any upcoming tests, here are detailed changes that have taken place.

Changes to pre-use inspection

It has been decided that 13 of the 22 checks required under the pre-use inspection are safety critical. What this means is that each one of these 13 must be fully and correctly checked by yourself beforehand. Failure to do so will mean a referral on that section of the examination.


Theory test

Similar to the now mandatory knowledge of certain aspects of the pre-use inspection, there are now five questions that are also mandatory on the theory test and will come up in every exam. The remaining bank of questions will be randomised, however, if you fail to correctly answer any one of the five mandatory questions then, no matter what your overall score, you will get a referral in this part of the examination. Also, instead of three multiple choice options for each question, there are now four.

Practical skills test

The practical skills test marking sheet has also seen considerable change. Overall, there are two new faults that have been added to the list: “failure to use appropriate safety device” and “wheels not straight when stacking and de-stacking”. They score five points and three points respectively. As well as this, the following three faults have had their penalties adjusted:

• Shunts when stacking; penalty increased from one to three
• Shunts in the chicane; penalty increased from one to three
• Forks/load too low when traveling; penalty increased from three to five.

The final change here is that, if you are to incur more than three five point penalties in any of the criteria, then you will fail the practical skills test.

If you receive a referral during any stage of the practical or theory test, then it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean a direct failure of the overall examination. Instead, you simply must redo that portion of the test.

This change in testing procedures marks the first change in forklift testing since the year 2000. As such, you will need to be sure that when undergoing training you use an accredited company which is well aware of these new procedures and who can best prepare you for your theory and practical examinations.

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