Why Keeping your forklift operators fully trained is so important



One of our close friends in the UK forklift industry is Hiremech who specialise in Forklift Hire in London and are the Caterpillar dealer for London. We asked Hiremech to write a guest post on the importance of keeping forklift operators fully trained. In return we are going write a guest post on their blog.

Forklift Training is often viewed as something that has to be done for health and safety purposes. Training provides an important basis not only for the welfare of employees, but acts as a cost reducing service to employers. Perhaps most obviously, training keeps employees up to date with legislation, at the forefront of health and safety procedures so as to reduce accidents and ensure their welfare. However, for employers, it reduces:

  1. 1.    Staff having time off due to accidents, the knock on effect is then costly not only in wages but in time and finding temporary cover.

  2. 2.    The impact on co-workers if a fellow employee is injured, with this they face increased workload which can lead to stress, and consequently more time off.

  3. 3.    Employers face prosecution for accidents in the workplace if staff are not correctly trained.

If employees attend regular training, their knowledge of the industry, new machinery and procedure is invariably at the forefront of innovation. This, as a result increases productivity and also means employees are well informed with new challenges they may face. Notably an increased productivity means an increase in work morale too. Alongside knowledge of the industry comes a reduction in damage to products and forklifts that are handled by employees. This means a reduced cost to employers, who, by spending money on training then don't pay out in damages. These damages are made by mistakes due to insufficient knowledge about a particular part as a result of not attending training courses. To ensure employees are up to date with specifications and new machinery, training is vital, and in the long-term pays for itself.

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