Exploring The Variety Of Machinery In The Forklift Truck Industry


What strikes me, forklift truck drivers and enthusiasts alike is the staggering variety of fork-lift truck technology that is on offer on the market. When you begin with the engineering feat of the straddle lift carrier you start to get a sense of the variety of machines on offer. This particular machine transports huge metal freight containers by straddling either side of the load and moving it accordingly. Then you have the slightly smaller but equally well designed ultra-high reach trucks; like all product areas there is a sense that there is a huge range of designs to meet requirements.

1. An ultra high reach truck and...2. The straddle Combilift.

On the other hand there are cases when you are desensitized to these smaller machines as this same concept has been scaled up to a colossal size on many occasions in the 21st century freight, warehousing and logistics industries. In short – and characteristic of our ingenuity – we have created a forklift truck for every situation. Like any piece of variety of technology they all come with particular features and specifications in use, design, style and specific ergonomics. Therefore when choosing the right fleet we ensured that our machines where not only of the highest standard for our customers; but where best suited to a particular purpose. Now the shape of this particular model may not win the innovation in design of the year award but this particular model in the ‘traditional’ fork-lift design provides unrivalled operator experience and reliability.




We are committed to providing only the best service and our fleet of advanced fork-lift trucks uphold this this statement. Our fleet of highly reliable CESAB M325 fork lift trucks are enough to get even a novice enthusiast (yes we exist) excited and unrivalled design in the position of the masts provide the driver with unrivalled visibility whilst carrying out the varied manoeuvres and tasks required. Manufactured using Toyota Production System the rigid build quality includes solid steel side panels and strong bodywork that protect the operator sufficiently and provide assurance of continued ease and safety in use. With a Toyota Production System come the benefits of working with a high-class worldwide player in the industry and therefore modern technology. As a result there engines achieve an efficient and smooth transition of power from engine to wheels. It doesn’t end there; the ergonomics of this machine are unrivalled and reduce physical strain for operators of all sizes. In conclusion these forklifts are well built, quality and reliable machines that meet a wide range of needs within a logistics or warehousing business. Inquire at Ask Hitec for reliable solutions to your business’ needs.

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