Documenting the Retirement and Farewell of Valued Colleague and CESAB General Manager; Terry Stephens

On the 19th September 2014 Hitec and CESAB Forklift Truck Company witnessed the early retirement of Terry Stephens (CESAB UK General Manager). Being the main supplier to us at Hitec it’s not just CESAB that will notice the departure of someone that has worked hard at maintaining relationships, bridging new deals and therefore a noticeable face amongst the companies.

Prospero Girardi (Hitec’s Director) kindly organised a retirement party to bid farewell to Terry who has been CESAB’s general manager between the periods of 2010 – 2014. Mr Stephens has not only been responsible for the extensive dealer network that we have today but has in turn taken CESAB forklift sales to a record high in the UK and managed to keep all the dealers actively involved in the growth of the brand.


Terry Stephens in Birmingham

Terry announced to Pros that he was taking retirement earlier in the year and finally handed over the reins to the new General Manager (John McCranor) in August 2014. Through Pros’ kind actions including the idea of a leaving ‘get together’ communicated to all of the dealer network; along with collecting donations for some small leaving gifts I think its fair to say that the surprising buy in left the retiree a very well appreciated man!

With the confirmed RSVP of all the dealer principals and their wives/partners the date was set and the central Birmingham hotel was sure to be a good venue for the occasion. Reporting from Pros’ words: “I organised a Hotel in Birmingham (centrally located for the dealer network) where we had an evening meal, presented terry with some retirement gifts and listened to a few speeches from myself and Terry (and our resident dealer comedian, Wayne Adams!) The evening was a success and enjoyed by all. We even had a cake made in a shape of a CESAB forklift truck! (CESAB B420).”


The brilliant CESAB B420 Sponge Cake!

If the organisation, money collected and friends in attendance was not enough to communicate the great appreciation for Terry then when the people in attendance witnessed the lovingly hand-mad CESAB B420 sponge cake I’m sure their opinions changed.  Put together - and crafted - layer after layer I’m sure they were convinced; this man surely must have made some friends along the way to receive such a generously decorated original piece! We wish Terry Stephens the best with his future whatever that may hold after his work with CESAB.

Pictures courtesy of Prospero Girardi : Hitec Director.

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