CESAB announce new range of forklift trucks with the warehouse in mind


CESAB have announced a brand-new range of electric forklift trucks. The new series is called the R300 range and will be available from all CESAB affiliated dealers. This blog post will run you through the main features and CESAB’s plans for the future.

The new range was built in Europe using parent company Toyota’s excellent manufacturing and production line know how. Every subsidiary of Toyota uses what they call TPS (Toyota Production System) which regulates and organises the way that the production process works. This streamlined approach enables CESAB to produce what is widely acknowledged as the gold standard in forklift trucks.

New range, new features

One of the most eye catching models in the range includes the R212 which features a 2.5 tonne lift capacity and a 12.5 metre mast, its cousin – the R318 has a 2.4 tonne lift capacity and a 12.5 metre mast. These machines are certainly built for the modern warehousing environment with the high lift capacity and strong reach indicating as much.

Another great feature is the trucks ability to steer a full 360 degrees. This increases visibility as well as manoeuvrability which results in a safer and more efficient drive.  The R300 range also features an advanced lifting system as well as a heated cabin as standard.

Plenty of positive thoughts regarding the new range

CESAB are clearly delighted with the success of the new lift trucks and the quality is part of a process than begins at the design process and ends on the shop floor. General Manager for the UK, Terry Stephens had this to say, “All CESAB warehouse equipment offers excellent manoeuvrability and ergonomic controls, ensuring maximum productivity even in confined spaces. Our warehouse equipment is designed for quick and easy servicing and can be tailored to the abilities of the operator, improving safety, reducing damage and maximising uptime.”

“The opening of our Northern training centre with a simulated warehouse setting means that our dealer network and every CESAB employee is receiving up to the minute, on-going product training. New and existing CESAB customers can trial any product before purchase, or receive full training, in a proper warehouse environment.”

The new trucks definitely signify the modern approach that CESAB take to designing and manufacturing their products. If you have any more questions about the new range of CESAB forklift trucks then please don’t hesitate to get in touch through email or phone.

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