The History of the Forklift Truck


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What better place to start than the History of the Forklift Truck!

The Forklift truck; described as 'the backbone of industry' was first developed in the 1960's. However, it can be seen as the natural progression of 'hoists' first experimented with in the 1800's. These hoists gave innovation to the progression of electric motors and traction batteries in the 20th century, which led to the more simple material handling equipment, first created for use in the First World War as a means to overcome the shortage of labour and multiply war efforts.

Similarly the Second World War saw the forklift truck continue to evolve and develop to create the more established machines we see today. Based on the principle function of the forklift truck in the war, they still serve the same purpose of executing jobs that we physically cannot. These established machines derived from their younger brother the battery powered platform truck, which was used for transferring luggage in the 60's.

Today they are used in everything from retail, to industrial use. In the early 1920's the first Forklift truck was manufactured in the US. This revolutionary machine would become one of the most in demand, serviceable and integral parts of business today. They are the capital element of warehouses and distribution centres, at the forefront of manoeuvring heavy goods.

The forklift truck has advanced to expand into a forest of new and exciting models that cater for every need, with over  150,000 forklifts being delivered to material handling buyers every year.  With varying load capacities, forklift trucks can range from loads of 1 to 5 tonne in typical warehouse use, up to 50 tonne capacity to lift heavier loads.

Essentially these machines provide us with efficiency and low costs that otherwise, we would struggle to achieve without the stability and strength the forklift trucks provide. Their importance and effect in the armed services only show how paramount they are and have been in industry.

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