Benefits of electric and gas powered forklift trucks


Cesab have been at the forefront of innovation within the logistics industry for the past 70 years. It all started when the Maccaferri family developed their first diesel engine way back in 1954. This was the start of the company’s rapid growth and soon saw them win massive military and infrastructure contracts.

One of the main reasons that diesel powered forklifts were (and still are) incredibly popular is because they are wonderfully fuel efficient. For instance, a diesel powered forklift uses about ten mpg less than a petrol powered forklift truck. This might sound fairly small-time but it will really add up over the course of a year. For a small independent contractor this can be a cost that really adds up. A lot of warehouse managers see diesel power as a prudent choice.

Different engine, different environments

Another advantage of using a diesel powered forklift truck is that you can use it in pretty much any environment. Diesel powered engines are incredibly resistant to any kind of weather. You could use a diesel forklift in rain, wind, snow or fire (the latter isn’t advised!). However, diesel engines should not be operated in indoor environments as the fumes can be impact negatively on your health.

Cesab aren’t only responsible for manufacturing diesel powered trucks, they have also been developing electric powered equivalents. The company has been doing this for nigh on sixty years. The first electric powered forklift truck manufactured by Cesab was produced way back when in 1951.

Cesab’s range of electric forklift trucks

Since then Cesab have designed and created many different ranges of electric powered forklift trucks. The most recent was the Cesab 48V Electric forklift range. Featuring a shorter chassis and smaller steering tyres, this forklift has many of the positive attributes that you associate with electric powered forklifts.

Compact is definitely the buzzword for electric powered forklifts. The engines are usually smaller which gives the manufacturers the option of designing smaller, more compact forklifts. In fact, electric powered forklifts are ideal for indoor warehousing environments as they emit little to no emissions – the only by-product is a small amount of harmless steam.

Efficient energy

Another good reason to hire or buy an electrically powered forklift is that they are incredibly cheap to run. Constantly purchasing diesel or petrol is an expensive exercise. As you can probably guess, the only thing needed to power an electric forklift is…electricity! This type of fuel is far cheaper than any fossil fuel which means that the electric forklifts running costs are significantly lower.

However, the purchase price of an electric forklift might put off potential buyers. An electric forklift usually retails for a lot more than a diesel truck. However, this purchase will prove to be more cost-effective over time as the day-to-day costs of running the machine are minimal.

Whatever choice you make, both diesel and electric forklift trucks prove to be excellent purchases. They each have their positives and negatives, it all depends on which type of forklift is right for you. To find out more, please get in touch on 01933 228 127.

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