The advantages of using flame proof forklifts

If you are looking for a forklift for use in the chemical-pharmaceutical, oil or gas industries, a flame proof forklift is the ideal protection against these potentially explosive work environments.

How Does a Flame Proof Forklift Work?

A standard non-flameproof forklift has multiple possible ignition sources, which could spell disaster in a hazardous environment. Components which could spark, such as motors, controllers and switches, could cause a fire or explosion.

Similarly, any hot surfaces resulting from the high operating temperatures or heated motors, exhaust or brakes could cause fires when exposed to flammable gases, liquids, vapours and combustible powders. In contrast, flame proof forklifts have a reduction in operating temperatures, to reduce risks.


Flame Proof Forklift

Safety and Protection for the Driver

Operating a forklift in a hazardous area can be extremely dangerous, so it is important that the safety and protection of the driver is paramount at all times. A flame proof forklift is designed to move and load hazardous materials in a way which does not cause a risk of fire or explosion; they make the task as safe as possible for the driver.


Forklift Driver

Loading and Moving Explosive Materials

Lots of businesses have operations involving hazardous or explosive materials, many of which benefit from the use of a flame proof forklift. A specially designed forklift benefits companies producing cosmetics, paint, ink, chemicals, synthetic rubber, varnishes and perfumes. A flame proof forklift will allow for the potentially explosive products to be moved around the unit and loaded into trucks with ease.

Flame Proof Conversions

It is possible to have a forklift converted, so that it can be used safely in environments containing potentially explosive compounds. The conversions involve the removal of static electricity, electrical and mechanical sparks and high surface temperatures on the body of the forklift and the along the exhaust system.

All conversions are carried out in compliance with the regulations as set out by ATEX and the EC. If your business already owns a standard forklift, a flame proof conversion can be very cost effective.

Flame Proof Conversions


Examples of explosive proof forklifts

There are some very effective explosion proof forklifts available, including the Miretti FD30 and the Cesab Blitz. The Blitz four wheeled, electric counterbalance forklift is available in the 250, 300 and 350 models. The forklifts are capable of lifting from 2500kg to 3500kg, and each combines high manoeuvrability with the latest technology.

The ease of use, through complete electronic controls and reduced energy consumption, make the Blitz a popular choice with those looking for an explosion proof forklift. The advanced electronic control unit is housed in a dust proof unit to ensure it meets all flame proofing requirements, and, furthermore, it is very simple to work with.

Not only is the forklift completely explosion proof, it has been designed with driver comfort in mind, with a fully-suspended driver's module and adjustable steering wheel and seat.

Although the investment in a flame proof forklift may seem like an additional business expense, they are essential pieces of machinery which can prevent potentially disastrous workplace incidents.

Flame Proof Forklifts





(Use of flameproof forklifts is a legal requirement in hazardous environments).

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