A Financial Year Update:Hitec Lift Trucks 2015!

April ushers in Easter, historically symbolising new life. For us it means lighter evenings, a warmer atmosphere, the first signs of summer and another great financial year for the company.

The New Financial Year

For managing director Prospero Girardi looking after a medium-to-large-sized business comes with its challenges, peaks, growths, modernisations, new chapters and the inevitable quiet periods – like ‘the slowdown of 2009’, as Girardi recollects.

Terry Stephens, Paul Pleasent and Prospero Girardi (MD) of Hitec Lift Trucks

The aftermath of the recession still presents many hurdles for some provincial businesses getting back on the track of positive, sustained growth. It takes even longer for that growth to translate into hiring new recruits and for that benefit to be felt by employees.

As the financial year comes to an end and the first of April signifies the beginning of a new one, it is time for businesses to reflect, and subsequently digest, statistics that reflect their performance over the year. For Hitec Lift Trucks it has been a phenomenal year, and we start by rounding up this time by introducing some really positive news.

A Brilliant year for Hitec Lift Trucks

Every company sets targets, forecasts and projected revenues. As do suppliers that supply machinery. For Hitec a sales target was set by CESAB and as of the end of this financial year, we can confirm that our sales target was beaten. In fact Hitec Lift Trucks has posted a sales figure 45% higher than the goal set by CESAB!

Eyes on Expansion

As a result Hitec has set about expanding and diversifying both in personnel and stock within the business. We have added more and more machines to our casual fleet in the biggest expansion since the slowdown of 2009. Girardi says:

‘We have just ordered 2 x CESAB M325 LPG and 2 x CESAB M318 LPG machines. In April last year, we took delivery 4 x CESAB M325LPG. 3 x CESAB M330 LPG and 1 x CESAB M335 LPG machines. We have also added 2 x CESAB B318 electric trucks during the course of the year.’
Prospero Girardi, MD – Hitec Lift Trucks


The fleet has grown extensively and therefore so have our capabilities. As every entrepreneur knows effective management of that stock is crucial for profitability. Managing this stock so it is either consistently out on hire or being used for a client is of utmost priority. As a result of this Hitec Lift trucks are looking to add one more person to our sales team here in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Happy Customers – European Oat Millers

Our readers will know that in our December 2014 blog we mentioned the Jordan’s brothers’ joint acquisition of the internationally influential European Oat Millers operation. This company owns the household names that we all know, brands like Jordan’s Cereal bars. After doing business with Hitec Lift Trucks they have been phenomenally impressed with both the CESAB Product and Hitec’s service that this month they have placed an order for a further 3 machines.

Rounding up the financial year rarely comes with such positive news and evidence of positive ‘green shoots’ – to use an economist term – within any business. The acquisition of new business, expanding fleets and the need to hire more staff spells success for the company and is testament to the hard work of the employees and all involved within the company. May this trend continue in 2015, and prove even more promising for March 2016!


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