A brief history about the magnificent CESAB

Cesab Forklifts

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We thought in this week’s update it would interesting to talk about CESAB, with whom we have a wonderful partnership.

Founded in Bologna, Italy 1942, CESAB began its legacy with Forklift trucks. It was acquired by the Maccaferri family when it began to engage in business activities with products for railways and materials handling sectors before producing their first electric Forklift truck in 1951 within the Bologna factory.

The company has seen the Marabini family in close association with CESAB. 60 years ago Mario Marabini secured the first authorised dealer agreement with CESAB of Bologna. And still today brothers Nerio and Maurizio Marabini  manage the CESAB dealership.

Throughout the 60's and 70's CESAB began to intensify production, creating new and diverse trucks for all matters of environment and job application. Their impression in the Italian market expanded in 1980 with a full range exhibition. Their status as Italian Forklift truck manufacturers had taken off.

In 1982 CESAB had expanded into Germany selling trucks into Europe, in 1992 this had further expanded into the UK, then in 1997 in to France. In 1993 CESAB had initiated (it’s well known) green as its corporate colour. This would go on to become memorable and renowned with CESAB, associating the company with its Italian heritage.

In 1994 BT founded a joint venture with CESAB, and in 2000 the Toyota Industrial Group purchased BT and CESAB. Today CESAB is proud to be part of the Toyota Materials Handling Europe division (TMHE). Today CESAB distributes its growing fleet of trucks to customers in 23 countries. Through co-operation with exclusive independent dealers such as Hitec, it is able to offer reliability and quality, every day.

Being from an engineering background, we, as the founders of Hitec, quickly understood the quality and durability of the CESAB product. They offer an extensive range of electric, gas and diesel counterbalance trucks, (with a choice of hydrostatic and torque converter transmissions) and warehousing, capacity ranging from 800 kg to 8 tonne. Having been dealers since 1994, we have found the CESAB products faultless and above all reliable.

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