Forklift truck accidents can be avoided - Here's our guide to staying safe

forklift truck accident

Hi there and welcome to our Blog. The safety of forklift operators is always a sensitive subject and here at Hitec safety is a big priority to us. We thought in this weeks blog it would be helpful to you for us to talk about safety and ways you can avoid forklift accidents.

So without further ado...

Here's our guide to help you stay safe.

 Forklift accidents are one of the most common types of accidents at work. Preventable, it is a sad reality that there are 8000 reportable accidents involving fork lift trucks every year in the UK.

Due to employer negligence, on average, 12 of these are fatal.

In order to prevent this, a simple training scheme that we can offer can and will save lives. Under legislation, to drive a Forklift you must be have a Forklift truck Operators License. Our training scheme will qualify you under this legislation.

What can you do to stay safe and ensure your employees safety?

 We offer training by accredited ITSSAR instructors. They will give vital information to ensure not only the Forklift drivers safety, but those who work alongside them, who are unfortunately THE most at risk.

One way we do this is to supply companies with a device by Transmon. This is a step towards increasing safety and saving lives.

What can the device achieve? 'restricting operator abuse, increasing site safety and security, reducing running costs, monitoring activities of sites / departments / vehicles / operators / contracts and more.'

Our Forklift Training is flexible to your requirements and courses are allocated according to specific needs. Working hours and location can also be specifically tailored to your needs. We offer training for various different Forklifts such as the 4-way or Counterbalance truck. Periodic Refresher courses can significantly reduce the possibility of accidents and fatalities. With new legislation and updated requirements, refresher courses offer you the latest and up-do-date training. Training not only offers safer working conditions, but improves productivity and reduces damage to your product.

Servicing Machines

We offer a Service Inspection Report. It will review the machine including necessary adjustments, lubrication, filter changes, battery and safety checks which meet the Health & Safety requirements. Thorough Examination is a statutory requirement for lifting equipment under the LOLER 98 & PUWER 98 Regulations. Our trained technicians offer this service, as a legal requirement states it must be done at least once a year. If a machine is older we suggest this is done frequently in order to safeguard employees.

What can be put in place on the machine to reduce accidents?

The Transmon device is one way to ensure workplace safety; it can reduce the speed of the machine in warehouses by a transmitter located in the enclosed space. It can also restrict the drivers use by observing nearby pedestrians or objects. Limiting speeds is one way to ensure safety alongside implementing lights and horns to a machine. Our technicians can adapt any machine with these features in order to make your workplace safer.

Our blog will be back next week. Thanks for reading!

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