The top 5 forklift scenes in film and TV

It’s awards season right now, and with the Oscars around the corner, everyone’s been talking about all things film. After discussing our picks for the top awards, we got around to talking about the best forklift scenes from both the big and small screens. Here’s what we came up with!

Michael Scott has an accident – The Office US

 The US Office follows the long-suffering employees of hapless paper company boss Michael Scott, portrayed by Steve Carrell. Being set in a paper company, there’s plenty of scenes that take place in a warehouse environment, just like this one. In this clip, Scott decides to sit behind the wheel of a forklift himself, despite not being a forklift operator. As you’ll see, not everything goes to plan.


Failed three-point turn – Austin Powers

So this isn’t strictly a forklift video, but anyone who has operated an industrial vehicle in a warehouse environment will probably relate to this. Actually, scratch that. Anyone who’s driven a car before! The clip sees Austin Powers – portrayed by Mike Myers – try and pull off a three point turn in a very tight space. Needless to say, it doesn’t go swimmingly.



Forklift Throw – The Incredible Hulk

Of all the things we’ve seen a forklift used for, this is certainly a new one to us. At a tense moment in the film, The Incredible Hulk appears out of nowhere, picking up a forklift and throwing it at Tim Roth. Thankfully, he manages to move out of the way before it can do any damage. We’re sure that would have hurt quite a bit!


Animated pitstop – Cars 

We all know that forklifts are incredibly useful, but it’s not often that they quite literally save the day. In animated family favourite Cars however, that’s exactly what happens. Near the film’s climax, the lead character bursts a tyre in a crucial race. Up steps the plucky forklift Guido, who pulls off a pit stop in a matter of seconds on his own. Don’t be surprised if an F1 team signs him up before the season starts!



Forklift car chase – Ride Along 2

We don’t want to spoil this one, because it’s almost certainly the most exciting forklift scene committed to film. It features Hollywood funnyman Kevin Hart, and a lot of explosions. Enjoy!



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