Ten of the Best Careers You Can Do In The Forklift Industry

10 Great Forklift Careers:

So you've decided you want a career in the forklift industry - that's great! The next step is finding out which specific role and career best suits you. To help guide you, we've put together some information on the different careers that are possible within the Forklift Industry.


Forklift salesman


Forklift salesmen take on the task of obtaining work and sales of forklifts for use in different industries. According to the British Industrial Truck Association, there is an increase in the sales of forklift trucks, so this is a growing job. You will need excellent communication skills and a hunger to succeed in a competitive sales environment. Experience is also beneficial. Salaries can reach as much as £25,000-£35,000.



Forklift technician



Forklift technicians repair and service lift trucks so that they meet safety standards and work correctly. Qualification or experience in LGV (lorry) service and repair, electric and mechanical engineering maintenance, or agricultural machinery would be helpful. Salaries can begin at £18,000 and rise to £30,000 or more. Career progression opportunities include becoming a parts or service manager or starting your own business.

Forklift transporter


A forklift transporter is armed with the task of ensuring forklifts are transported to and from businesses in top condition. No specific qualifications are required, however experience driving heavy vehicles may be useful. Salaries can reach as much as £30,000.

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Telehandler driver


A telehandler driver's main role is to drive the telehandler vehicle that is commonly used in agriculture and industry. You may need a CPCS photo card and you will need to obtain a specific qualification in driving telehandlers. Salaries can range from £26,406​ to ​£31,787.

Warehouse Operative


Warehouse operatives take the delivery of foods for storage and pack various orders for dispatch. Though not 100% necessary, you will find it useful to have qualifications in maths, English and ICT. You can access this job via an apprenticeship in storage and warehousing. Salaries begin at £12,700 and can rise up to £18,000 with experience. Career progression could see you become a shift supervisor, team leader or warehouse manager.

Forklift counterbalance driver


Counterbalance forklift trucks are the most common type of forklift truck and it will be your job to drive one and move stock and materials from one place to another. Many jobs require previous forklift driving experience and require good communication skills. Salaries can begin at £17,000 and rise to £22,000 with experience.

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Head of operations


As head of operations, you will be in charge of overseeing lift truck operations to ensure they are fulfilling their responsibilities, day-to-day from shift to shift. This is a demanding job that requires excellent communication skills and experience. Salaries can range from £25,000 to £30,000.


Shift supervisor


As a shift supervisor, you will be required to supervise a team of manual handlers and forklift drivers within a busy fast-paced warehouse. Supervisory experience is usually a requirement and you must have a valid UK Forklift Counterbalance license. An average salary for this job is around £22,000.

Logistics & Warehouse manager


Warehouse managers coordinate and plan warehouse operations at retail superstores, distribution depots and manufacturing plants, as well as possessing the responsibility for managing the finances and budget for the logistics and warehousing operation. Experience is usually a requirement for this job and the more experience you have, the higher the salary. You may find it useful to obtain a foundation degree in supply chain management, logistics or transport management. Salaries begin at £18,000 and can rise up to as much as £40,000 or more.

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Forklift truck driver

The main role of a forklift driver is to load and unload a variety of goods in airports, construction sites, warehouses or ports. You will need practical skills in both English and maths and a specific forklift license which can be obtained via training arranged by your employer. Some jobs may require you to have a construction skill certification scheme (CSCS) card. A progression into a career as a forklift truck driver can usually be obtained via first completing an apprenticeship. Salaries begin at around at £17,000 and can rise to £28,000 with experience. You could also progress into a shift supervisor, team leader, maintenance engineer or forklift instructor.

With such a wide range of jobs available, you're guaranteed to find something to suit your skills within the forklift industry.






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